Prafful's Product and Designs are guided by a commitment to ethical and responsible conduct.

The name “Prafful” stands for Quality, Excellence, Leadership and Trust. We, the extended families of employees strive every minute of the day to bring these attributes to life in their interactions, behavior and work.

We have endeavored to create a work place that is characterized by warmth and inclusion. In Surat , our oldest Textile Factory, there are employees who have dedicated over 20 years of their working life to build this organization. We will stand indebted to their contributions for a long time to come.
The spirit of enterprise and an inherent tolerance of failures have lead to a culture of innovation. Prafful has been able to cater to the discerning Indian Consumer across a wide range of choices in design and price points. This has been one compelling reason for our sustained leadership in the Industry for years to years.

The feeling of Pride in the association is not restricted to employees alone. Our Trade and business partners, who have remained loyal to the Company for decades, stand testimony to Prafful's ability to nurture relationships. Fair and transparent operating styles that are routed in Core values and ethical behavior are the essence of the Raymond experience.

All this is enveloped in a fast growing performance culture that is based on clearer performance norms, sharper differentiations and better rewards and recognition for Key talent.
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